‘Pigskin’ vegetable curry tastes like ‘vegetable heaven’

It’s the perfect way to eat the best, most nutritious vegetables.

But as with any good Indian dish, it’s a good thing to eat.

Pigskins, however, are the result of roasting a root vegetable over a charcoal fire for about an hour, using a rotary broiler.

It’s like eating a giant, steaming, crispy pig, but it’s better for you.

As the smoke billows out of the fire, you can feel the rich, creamy, savory flavor of the meat, the fragrant aroma of the spices, and the taste of the delicious, savoury ingredients.

While you’re at it, why not try the best veggie curry you’ve ever had?

The roasting process has taken place over a few days, so the roast meat is ready when you open the fridge to eat, the veg will have a chance to set on fire and the vegetables will be cooked.

I cooked a few different types of veg.

The beef was a big hit.

We had a huge batch, so I didn’t feel bad.

The veg was good and tasty.

The meat was cooked and tender, and it had a really good texture.

I was really happy that I could do it in a week, as there was no pressure to get the roast right.

I could just enjoy it and not worry about it.

It was just a good time.

The only downside to this method of roastering is that it takes about 10 hours to roast all the ingredients, so if you have an early-morning craving, you’ll have to go without the vegetables for a while.

But it’s worth the wait, because the taste and texture of the roasted veggies and meat are fantastic.

This recipe is part of Vice’s #1 Foodie Cookbook series.

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