Why you should eat more veggies for your diet

It’s easy to overthink the importance of eating a varied diet, and many people struggle to understand how to eat the right way.

Here are five common mistakes that make you miss out on the best foods to eat, and the ways to fix them.

Read more 1/5 You don’t have to be a vegan to get your fix of vegetarian and vegan food.

Vegans can eat all kinds of vegetarian or vegan foods, but they don’t need to be vegans to enjoy some of the best vegan foods.

There are some very popular vegan restaurants, but you can also find vegan-friendly dishes at cafes, bars and even on the street.

And some vegan-only restaurants offer some tasty vegan dishes, like the one in Singapore.

There’s also a growing community of vegan-certified restaurants in major cities like London, New York, London, Paris and Barcelona.

Even in some of Australia’s most exclusive suburbs, there are vegan-focused restaurants, like Vegan on Park and The Vegan on The Street in Brisbane.

All of these places have a menu of some of its best vegan fare, such as the famous chicken curry and a vegan burger made with tofu, quinoa and black beans.

There is also vegan sushi in Brisbane, which has a fantastic vegan option in its signature “Kuro” menu.

2/5 Don’t get hung up on meat-free options.

Meat-free alternatives to meat are also becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with the Australian Meat and Poultry Council declaring that there are more than 2,000 “meat-free” options available in supermarkets across the country.

This is great news for vegans who want to avoid meat entirely and still enjoy their meals.

Veg-free dishes also have a lot of great meat-like flavors, so there’s a good chance you’ll find some delicious dishes that won’t have a meat component.

However, it can be a little confusing to try to figure out which vegan-free food has a meat-based component, and which doesn’t.

So here are some things to consider before you go to a meatless restaurant.

Read on for the best meat-less vegetarian and veg-friendly options in Australia.

3/5 Be adventurous.

Many vegan restaurants and cafes also serve delicious vegan food with a meaty side dish, such a grilled pork belly or shrimp quesadilla.

You’ll want to try these dishes as a way to try something new, without getting overwhelmed by the variety of meat-related options on offer.

Try the Thai fish dish at Vegan on the Street or the veggie burger at Vegan Food on the Spot in Brisbane or the vegan burger at The Vegan Burger in Sydney.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try vegan burgers at Meatless Kitchen in Sydney, where a “meatless burger” is available on a daily basis.

They’re also a great option for a quick meal when you’re travelling, especially when there are vegetarian options nearby.

You can also try vegan chicken curry, which is also served at Vegan Kitchen in Brisbane and The Meatless Grill in Sydney’s CBD.

4/5 Find a vegetarian and a veg friendly cafe.

If there are a few vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in your area, there’s plenty of options for you to try.

These options include vegan-owned restaurants in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, as well as vegetarian-owned and vegan restaurants.

Try a variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants that are vegan friendly, such the Vegan Food Cafe in Brisbane; Vegan Kitchen on the Rocks in Sydney; the vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne; and Vegan Cafe in Melbourne’s CBD, which offers vegetarian food.

There will also be some vegetarian-friendly cafes and restaurants that have vegan menus available, such in Sydney or Brisbane.

5/5 Avoid meat-laden foods and drink.

Vegentarian and vegan-conscious people tend to enjoy a variety to eat and drink, and they’re able to indulge in foods and drinks that are high in protein, antioxidants, fat-free or even low in sugar and carbs.

However many vegans and vegans-friendly restaurants, cafes and bars won’t offer a meat free menu.

Check the menu and ask what the menu will include before you choose what you’re ordering.

And it’s important to note that not all vegetarian and vegetarian-only food and drink is vegan.

There’ll be meat-centric dishes, such vegan ice cream, or vegetarian and meat-heavy dishes, for example, vegan pizza and vegan barbecue.

If that’s not vegan enough for you, you can try some of those delicious vegan burgers, which are served at the popular vegan burger spot in Sydney and The Green Spot in Melbourne.

Vegency is also a big reason why you might go vegan.

You might want to give it a go to help cut down on the calories you’re eating, as a vegan diet doesn’t include meat.

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