Why does your dog love vegetables?

The NFL announced Thursday that it is donating 1,000 new organic vegetable planters to dog teams around the country, in order to help them prepare for and battle off season’s growing demand for fresh produce.

The initiative will help feed and hydrate the dogs during the season and help them grow as healthy, resilient, and productive dogs as possible.

Each dog team will receive a bag of 100 planters, which will be placed in their regular football locker.

“This is a wonderful initiative to support teams with dogs in need of additional assistance,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

This year, the NFL’s regular season runs from September to December, with teams participating in the National Vegetable Festival from Oct. 1-19.

The NFL’s partnership with the National Garden Association comes after the league introduced a new “Dog-Friendly” campaign, in which it will provide free, dog-friendly vegetables to any team that makes the Pro Bowl, and encourages teams to purchase organic produce to help support the NFL and the NFLPA.

The “Dog Friendly” campaign is also expected to encourage fans to donate food, clothing, or other products to support local animal shelters and shelters for the homeless.