‘Mummy’ to be rebranded in US as ‘Pete’

More than 50 countries will be getting a brand-new rendition of the classic British horror film, Mummy, this Christmas, as part of a US-led initiative to combat the spread of the virus.

The rebranding, called Mummy Reborn, will feature new music and visuals, including a new film trailer that is expected to hit the internet by early December.

It is part of an international effort to reduce the number of cases in the US.

“The Mummy film is the most iconic of all the horror films, and the people who created it have been the stars of horror films for more than a century,” the American Foundation for Infectious Diseases (AFID) said in a statement.

“But the global pandemic is a new horror story and the rebrand is an important step in addressing the pandemic and our need for a safe and secure environment for our children and families.”

The Mombasa-born star of the 1970s cult film is known for his distinctive voice, which has been compared to that of his iconic character, Dr Frankenstein, in the original.

“We are committed to helping people be healthy and free from the spread and complications of COVID-19, and this new Mombassa-born actor is a great example of how that can be achieved,” said AFID’s CEO John Allen.

“Dr Frankenstein, as well as being an iconic character in horror, is also a very positive influence in our community, inspiring a love of animals and a love for science, and his voice and personality are what have made Mombases unique.”

Dr Frankenstein’s voice, as played by Sir Ian McKellen, is a combination of two languages.

The original version of the film is played in French.

The rebrand comes after years of lobbying from charities and businesses in the UK, including the Royal Society of Arts and the British Film Institute.

“With the re-branding of Mummy this Christmas as the Mombasean version, we’re hoping to highlight the many benefits and benefits of a healthy and safe environment, and also our hope that the people of Momba will feel more connected to the characters, and to the film,” said Allen.

The Mummies revival is expected be launched by US entertainment company, Universal Studios, at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday.

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