Why is there so much love for a new restaurant?

I love food and I love good food, so it’s a little strange to find that it’s often overshadowed by all the good restaurants in the city.

And while it’s true that I’ve only had a taste of the new Burger King in London, the good news is that I was pleasantly surprised.

The burger is a big, fluffy burger, with lots of flavour and a crispy outside that makes it a perfect match for my taste buds.

There’s a great selection of toppings, and the selection of the menu is quite diverse.

I tried the vegetarian Burger King (it comes with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado, plus a sauce that I’m not quite sure is vegetarian, but it was tasty), as well as the vegetarian Burger King (buns, cheese, and gravy).

The vegetarian Burger Kings are also served with fries, which are a nice touch.

It was definitely worth the wait for me.

The vegetarian burger is available from Thursday to Saturday, with a 10 per cent discount on Sunday.

And the vegetarian burger is available on a weeknight.

The menu can be ordered online at www.burgerking.com or in person.

There are also a number of other vegetarian restaurants in London and beyond.

The Burger King has one of the best burgers in the UK, according to its website.

I’m glad I tried it.

(And I’m happy to share my favourite burger with you.)

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